Apptainer container to run NEMO


While developing xnemogcm, I needed to be able to get some simple outputs, for multiple version of nemo. After using a simple 4.0.1 case for a while, I decided to scale to a fully reproducible framework, using containers (I decided to use apptainer instead of docker).
I just drop here the link to the github repository, in case anyone would like to use the containers, the whole project, or only want to use it for inspiration.


Dear Romain,

I found this post only a couple of days ago and it saved my work, so let me thank you personally for preparing these files. I did not use any singularity container, but in the last 4 days I have followed the procedure outlined on three different machines, from laptops to HPC servers and it worked flawlessly everywhere.

This is probably the best installation guide I have ever followed, so I would like to propose to include it in the official NEMO documentation, as the installation of all the tools in the correct order with the correct bindings is far from being trivial.

thank you

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for your nice message :). I am happy if these scripts are useful to someone else than me. As the licence is MIT, you can virtually do whatever you want with this repository, so feel free to share.