Corrupted XIOS netcdf files with zero record after a crash

I remember years ago, Seb had a command line to recover netcdf files that were not closed properly after a nemo crash (and display zero record but quite a reasonable size for a non-zero record dimension), but have forgot it. Does someone do? My apology if was already posted.

Look at “Can I recover data from a netCDF file that was not closed properly?” in this faq.

However, this was working only for NetCDF3.6.3 or earlier version and XIOS requires that you use NetCDF4… too bad :cry:

Fred, you could try increasing the sync frequency in the iodef.xml

<file_definition type="@{STRINGBASE_xios_ftype}" name="@expname@_@freq@" sync_freq="10d" min_digits="4">

Yes, I tried successfully that option, thanks for mentioning it, Sasha! The last-to-the-crash output was not properly closed unfortunately, but at least I got a few before…