DOMAINcfg 1-way nesting

I use DOMAINcfg to create a nested domain, e.g. files and
I found that while creating a nested domain DOMAINcfg also changes bathymetry in parent domain in the area where nested domain is situated.
It seems that 2-way nesting is TRUE by default in DOMAINcfg.
Am I correct?
Is there any way to turn off 2-way nesting in DOMAINcfg and use 1-way instead?

Yes, two-way nesting is the default with the DOMAINcfg tool, and as such, it modfies the parent mesh. We could indeed add 1-way mode as an option.
For the time being, to run in 1-way mode, simply generate a parent mesh file without any zoom (tip: set to 0 the first line of your file, so that you don’t have to recompile the tool without key_agrif defined).