How to limit the output to a single NetCDF file

Hello, I would like to know how to verify the output results of the NEMO program. Additionally, is there an option or setting that allows the output from multiple processes to be confined to a single file?

Hi, have you solved this problem? I met a similar problem that I want to place all input files in a folder and all generated output files in one folder, but I don’t know how to do.

  • for the folder of the input files, it depends of the input files :
    • for the restarts, you have the namelist variables cn_ocerst_indir, cn_ocerst_outdir
    • for file which are simply defined by their name (e.g. cn_domcfg = "domain_cfg") simply add the folder path in the file name (e.g. cn_domcfg = "MY_PATH/domain_cfg")
    • for the file read trough the structure definition :
  !           !  file name              ! frequency (hours) ! variable  ! time interp.!  clim  ! 'yearly'/ ! weights filename ! rotation ! land/sea mask !

use cn_dir in the corresponding namelist blocks

  • for the folder of the output files, see : How to change output folder?
  • to output from multiple processes confined into a single file
    • you need to use XIOS with the option type="one_file in your file_definition. See here and XIOS chapter in NEMO book
    • or use REBUILD_NEMO.

Thank you very much!