How to make AMM12 compliant with AGRIF

I’m trying to compile configuration, referenced to AMM12 with AGRIF via command

$ ./makenemo -m 'gfortran_test' -r 'AMM12' -n 'Nesting_test' add_key 'key_agrif'

Configuration building process is failed with an error:

->Parse configuration: start
Config file (bld): /home/hydmet/Build_NEMO/nemo_4.2.0/mk/bld_preproagr.cfg
Config file (bld): /home/hydmet/Build_NEMO/nemo_4.2.0/mk/arch_nemo.fcm
Config file (bld): /home/hydmet/Build_NEMO/nemo_4.2.0/mk/cpp.fcm
ERROR: /home/hydmet/Build_NEMO/nemo_4.2.0/mk/bld_preproagr.cfg: LINE 35:
      bld::pp::nemo/agrif2model: invalid sub-package in declaration.
ERROR: /home/hydmet/Build_NEMO/nemo_4.2.0/mk/bld_preproagr.cfg: LINE 83:
      bld::src_type::nemo/agrif2model.F90: invalid sub-package in declaration.
->Parse configuration: 0 second
->TOTAL: 0 second
Build failed on Wed Jul 20 10:38:19 2022.

Configuration AMM12 without AGRIF had compiled successfully.
Please, help to fix it. Thanks in advance!

AMM12 is not “made” for AGRIF. To change that, you can change the file ref_cfgs.txt by adding NST in the line of AMM12 like this :


Or you can use another reference configuration that include AGRIF by default (e.g. AGRIF_DEMO).


Thanks for answer, Nicolas.
I already changed reference configuration and compiled it, but your comment about AMM12 may be useful later.