Local volume trend for barotropic mode

Dear All,

I need to compute the local volume trend, I coded it as


But the results I get are really strange, any idea ?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Robinson,
It depends what you mean by “strange” :thinking:
Should be equivalent to:
(ssh_a(ji,jj) - ssh_b(ji,jj)) / (2.*rdt) * e3t_0(ji,jj,jk) * e1e2t(ji,jj) * r1_ht_0(ji,jj)
Maybe you were expecting something more alike the sea level trend ?

Bonjour Jérôme,

Thanks for your reply, but this would be for the barotropic mode, basically the entire volume variability.
I’m after a 3D version of this, as I’m doing a water mass analysis in T-S coordinates. I might be missing a factor somewhere…

Takk for hjelp,

Indeed. Again, not knowing/seing what appears “strange” to you does not help ! A+

Well, it’s a long story !! :slight_smile:

So let’s say, it is not what I would expect, so I’m wondering if I did not make a mistake somewhere…