Open boundary tracer: TEOS10 cons. temperature, abs. salinity and conversion function to prac. salinity


Hi all,
I am using the TEOS-10 in a regional configuration of NEMO4.0.6. It is clear that the model should be initialised with the conservative temperature and absolute salinity. If we use TEOS-10, does the tracer fields provided at the open boundaries also need to be conservative temperature and absolute salinity? Is it correct to say that the conservative temperature and absolute salinity fields are available in the model output ?

Using Teos-10, open boundary data must be consistent with the model field, e.g. these are supposed to be conservative temperature and absolute salinity. Outputs are the same also (so imagine you use data from a configuration using Teos-10 to force your regional model, no conversion would be required).

Looks a function eos_pt_from_ct is available in eosbn2.F90 for ct to pt conversion. Similarly, anyone has a function for the conversion of SA to the SP.

One could use this simple conversion found in src/TOP/PISCES/P4Z/p4zche.F90 (r4-0-HEAD):

      ! Computation of chemical constants require practical salinity
      ! Thus, when TEOS80 is used, absolute salinity is converted to
      ! practical salinity
      ! -------------------------------------------------------------
      IF (neos == -1) THEN
      salinprac(:,:,:) = tsn(:,:,:,jp_sal) * 35.0 / 35.16504
      salinprac(:,:,:) = tsn(:,:,:,jp_sal)