'ref_wgts' - runtime error

Greetings everyone!
My project stucked with following error, that is linked with parameter ‘ref_wgts’ :
“Fortran runtime error: Index ‘5’ of dimension 1 of array ‘ref_wgts’ outside of expected range (4:1)”
In addition, the model produce only “ocean.ouput” file for ‘mpirun -np 24 ./nemo’ run
Short description of my project:

  • SAS_ICE configuration built on “ORCA2_SAS_ICE” base
  • atmospheric forcing input - era5 (using all necessary inputs in namelist_cfg for Era config)
  • weights for salinity and temperature, atmospheric forcings were built successfully with “/tools/WEIGHTS” instrument
    Planning: short-time run for 1-2 days for ice output.
    The main question - what cause this problem?
    Any suggestions will be usefull, thanks for your consideration in advance.
    (for any additional files - feel free to comment please)