Testing phase for new major version

The 4.2 release Candidate is now available, for IMMERSE demonstrators and for beta testers.

The 4.2 Release Candidate in on the trunk of NEMO repository, starting at revision 15005.
To use properly this Release Candidate during this testing phase, you will need to keep of with HEAD of trunk where bugfixes might be added.

If you are willing to contribute to this beta testing phase you are welcome to answer this topic announcing what type of beta testing you are ready to carry.

The NEMO System Team

Hello !
Glad to tell you that I will test 4.2RC with eORCA025.L75 configuration and compare with an on-going run (4.0.6).

Jean-Marc Molines


Hello Jean-Marc,
Thanks for your announced contribution.
Since the announcement that 4.2 Release Candidate is on the trunk of NEMO repository, starting at revision 15005.
Only bug fixes have been made in the trunk. So that, as much as possible, your tests should keep up with Head of the trunk.
If you find problems, please inform developers by posting in this topic.


I am going to be creating a regional eORCA025 Ross Sea configuration, and I have been advised to do this with 4.2RC.

Alethea Mountford (TiPACCs Northumbria University)

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I’m going to create a downscaling experiment for the IMMERSE project and
I would like to test the updated NEMO 4.2RC.
Is it on the NEMO repository or gitlab?

Francesco Trotta

Hello Francesco,
The 4.2 Release Candidate is available for beta testers on the official web platform up to now:
The HEAD is the latest version, but you may want to check with the other IMMERSE demonstrator the revision they have used.
The new web platform and the repository using gitlab will be opened to users with the official 4.2 release in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to send your questions and feedbacks here, in Discourse.