[v4.0.x] Minor errors in routines *trc{bc,nxt,rad}.F90* (TOP) and *dtadyn.F90* (OFF)


I identified several minor bugs/errors in the version 4.0 of Nemo.
All details reported here relate to the subroutines versions in NEMO/releases/r4.0/r4.0-HEAD as of today (Jan 17, 2022).

  • trcbc.F90: the instruction on line 198

    IF( .NOT.ln_rnf .OR. .NOT.ln_linssh ) ln_rnf_ctl = .FALSE.

    should be moved before line 177, otherwise it only applies to the domain corresponding to processor lwp.

  • trcrad.F90: on line 246 the 2d indices for gainmass should be 2 not 1 since we are estimating the change for trn inventory here.

  • trcnxt.F90: lines 140 to 157, the order of the test should be modified in order for the right value to be put in trb when Euler time stepping is used!
    The correct formulation is:

  • dtadyn.F90 : why two calls to eos? My guess is that the one on line 176 is redundant.

Hi @amouchet
thanks a lot for sharing your findings on these bugs !

We will work on the implementation of the proposed changes on the main code branch of nemo (and possibly on the next 4.2.1 release).

Your comments on trcnxt.F90 should have already been fixed in the 4.2 development of the new integration schemes.