[v4.2.x] Computation errors for Lupkes parameterization in *sbcblk_algo_ice_cdn.F90*



In routine sbcblk_algo_ice_cdn.F90, l. 86 computes equation (31) of Lupkes et al (2012) which gives Sc*Sc rather than not Sc. Hence, when the result is used in l.106, zSc should be used instead of zSc*zSc. The same mistake appears l.252.

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Hello Virginie,

Thank you for pointing out this bug ! I have corrected it in the last revision of the main & 4.2 branches (see bug in Lupkes sea-ice transfert coefficients formula (#48) · Issues · NEMO Sources / Nemo · GitLab for details).

Here is an illustration of the differences induced by this bug in terms of sea-ice fraction averaged over one month of ORCA025 + Lupkes 2012 simulation:

Thanks a lot