ASCII output and diagnostics

I am attempting to diagnose some possible errors in my code through the use of print statements in ocean.output and timestep diagnostics written to netcdf. However, I am encountering a few issues, which I hope someone can advise on.

The first issue is the lack of ascii output in ocean.output when running ORCA025 in GOSI9p8.0 on Monsoon2. The netcdf files are populated.

In an idealised configuration of nemo the results are,

To print these values is shown below, where indices are changed for the right configuration in use.

IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'The first timestep is', kit000
IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'prd at (100,100,20) is', prd(100,100,20)
IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'pn2 at (100,100,20) is', pn2(100,100,20)
IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'zwzdx at (100,100,20) is', zwzdx(100,100,20)
IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'zwzdy at (100,100,20) is', zwzdy(100,100,20)
IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'nmlnqg at (100,100) is', nmlnqg(100,100)
IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'zstlimx at (100,100,20) is', zstlimx(100,100,20)
IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'zstlimy at (100,100,20) is', zstlimy(100,100,20)

A further issue arises when trying to examine the timestep output in the netcdf files. For example, in the idealised configuration, zstlimy = -5.59139...e-11 at point (ji=100,jj=100,jk=20), then looking in to the netcdf file using Python, zstlimy[19,99,99]=0.0. However, zstlimy is populated.

Another ascii output is for a variable dwzmagsq. This is done like so,

IF(lwp) WRITE(numout,*) 'dwzmagsq at', ji, jj, jk, 'is', dwzmagsq(ji,jj,jk)

The maximum value for this variable in the netcdf output is 1.3163353e-20, yet searching for this value in ocean.output brings up nothing. I am wondering If I have just written one process to the ocean.output file, and not all?

Any advice would be great.

Hi Thomas

I think it is good to do a simply printing without using IF(lwp) and numout. For example, just write:

print *, ‘dwzmagsq at’, ji, jj, jk, ‘is’, dwzmagsq(ji,jj,jk)

Then just check if you get the reasonable results. In this case, you get the results in the log file of your submit script.