Atmospheric pressure from a coupler


Giving the atmospheric pressure to NEMO through a coupler (sn_rcv_mslp) do not have any affect on the ocean dynamics. The field is indeed received in the sbccpl submodule, but the effect that it could have on the surface pressure gradient in dyn_spg is restricted by the namlist flag ln_apr_dyn. Putting this flag to TRUE could work, but it activate the option to read the atmospheric pressure from a file which make the model failed because the file do not exist (I don’t want to read a file, but use the atmospheric pressure from our coupler).

Some code lines could be added to include this case and make the surface pressure gradient be influenced by the atmospheric pressure field from the coupler. The runoff is a similar case, but there, it works because the model does not try to read the runoff from a file if it is coming from the coupler. I could try to code it myself, but I wondering if anyone did it already.

PS: I use NEMO 4.0.7, but the newest version, 4.2.1 seams to be the same in that matter.