DOMAINcfg tool crashes while processing bathymetry

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to create nested domain files with DOMAINcfg tool which was compiled with AGRIF and NetCDF4 keys. It crashes without any error message in ocean.output which ends on bathymetry processing whatever nn_bathy flag you choose. Bathymetry file is ok and agree with coordinates file.

ocean.output tail:

    dom_nam  : domain initialization through namelist read
     Namelist namrun
       experiment name for output      cn_exp     = Arctic_ORCA025                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
       mask land points                ln_mskland =  F
       additional CF standard metadata ln_cfmeta  =  F
       overwrite an existing file      ln_clobber =  T
       NetCDF chunksize (bytes)        nn_chunksz =            0

     Namelist namdom : space & time domain
       flag read/compute bathymetry      nn_bathy     =            2
     compute bathymetry from file      cn_topo      =  

What can cause such crushes?
Thanks for help!


Ready to help, but I would need your job output and, ideally, that you compile with debug options.

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I’m sorry for silence. It’s looks like we installed NEMO badly (XIOS particularly).
Right now we trying set up it properly. If it was the reason, I type it later.
Thank you for attention!)

Yes, it was a bad compilation problem.