[EGU2022] Call for abstract for the NEMO session

Dear Colleagues,

we would like to draw your attention to the “Numerical modelling of the ocean: new scientific advances in ocean models to foster exchanges within NEMO community and contribute to future developments” session (OS4.6) at the EGU General Assembly 2022 that will be held from 3-8 April 2022. You can find the session details in CO Meeting Organizer EGU22

The session will include both research and operational activities, and it aims to cover main developments in

  • Ocean dynamics at large to coastal scales, up to kilometric resolution
  • Sea-ice
  • Ocean biogeochemistry
  • New numerical schemes associated to energy conservation constraints
  • High performance computing challenges and techniques

The OS4.6 session will provide a forum for accurately addressing new scientific advances in the ocean numerical modelling and their implication for the NEMO system.

The deadline for abstract is 12 January 2022 (13:00 CET) - EGU22 - How to submit an abstract

The session is planned as oral/poster session so far. Please read the Covid-19 information for details on Covid rules in Vienna - EGU22 - COVID-19 up-to-date information

Please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues.

With our best regards,
Doroteaciro Iovino (CMCC), Claire Levy (CNRS), Mike Bell (MetOffice), Jerome Chanut (Moi), Julien Le Sommer (CNRS)