Error compiling nemo: error #6404... must have an explicit type

I am trying to compute an additional term (nmlnqg) in zdfmxl.F90 and use it in ldfdyn.F90, however I am receiving the following error when trying to compile

BLD/ppsrc/nemo/ldfdyn.f90(717): error #6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type.   [NMLNQG]
                     IF( jk <= nmlnqg(ji,jj) ) mld_qg(ji,jj) = mld_qg(ji,jj) + e3w_n(ji,jj,jk)

The above line from ldfdyn.F90 is code I have written and is the first instance of nmlnqg in the ldfdyn module.

I am essentially computing the mixed layer depth with an alternative density criterion. I have set USE zdfmxl in ldfdyn.F90 and have previously made use of the original nmln term with no error. I have mirrored the implementation of nmlnqg with nmln. I have used the grep command to look at the implementation of the original nmln, but I cannot see anything that I am missing to make this work.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?


But is the new variable declared somewhere ?

I’ve decided to take a different approach for now and calculate this in another routine. I can imagine I’ll come back to this later to tidy up some code. Cheers for now.