Nemo.exe crashes after a few time steps when using AGRIF

Hello everyone,

I’m setting up a 1 to 5 AGRIF nest into our NORDIC configuration with NEMO 4.2 and I’m facing a nemo.exe crash issue. The configuration consists on our NORDIC regional configuration and a nest in the Baltic inflow region.
Initially everything was working fine for about 130 ts. Now it’s crashing after 3 (not sure what changes I made to change that). The only information I have is a unspecific libc crash:


I was able to figure out that the crash happens in the routine “Agrif_Sponge_tra” called in stpmlf.F90. I don’t really get any other information in the outputs.

Changing the time step didn’t change anything. Changing slightly the AGRIF child config did not change anything either. I’m up-to-date with the main development branch.

I really don’t get what can happen, and I’m exhausting my “where to look” ideas.

Thanks for your help.

Do you mean, up-to-date with the 4.2 branch or the “main” branch ?

I’m up-to-date with the main branch.

Well, the main branch has been moving a lot these past months. I would suggest you rather use the 4.2.1 branch and let me know (try to compile with debug options too).

Same problem with branch_4.2. It’s already compiled with -g -traceback, but I get nothing more specific than the libc error.