[v4.2.x] Crash in reading namelist `namsbc_blk`

Hei alla,

I get this crash for unknown reasons when launching Nemo 4.2:

misspelled variable in namelist namsbc_blk in configuration namelist iostat =     19

Although I did not change anything to the namelists…

Any idea ?

Takk for hjelp,


Salut Robinson,

According to your error message, the namelist block namsbc_blk contains somewhere a variable name which does not correspond to what the code is expected…
Note it can be either in namelist_cfg or in namelist_ref. You should have an additional line in your error message telling you which namelist files his creating the error.

You said you did not change anything in the namelist so maybe you changed the code and the namelists you provide are no more corresponding to what nemo is expected…

There is the declaration of the variables expected in namsbc_bk (in src/OCE/SBC/sbcblk.F90):

      NAMELIST/namsbc_blk/ ln_NCAR, ln_COARE_3p0, ln_COARE_3p6, ln_ECMWF, ln_ANDREAS, &   ! bulk algorithm
         &                 rn_zqt, rn_zu, nn_iter_algo, ln_skin_cs, ln_skin_wl,       &
         &                 rn_pfac, rn_efac,                                          &
         &                 ln_crt_fbk, rn_stau_a, rn_stau_b,                          &   ! current feedback
         &                 ln_humi_sph, ln_humi_dpt, ln_humi_rlh, ln_tair_pot,        &
         &                 ln_Cx_ice_cst, rn_Cd_i, rn_Ce_i, rn_Ch_i,                  &
         &                 ln_Cx_ice_AN05, ln_Cx_ice_LU12, ln_Cx_ice_LG15,            &
         &                 cn_dir,                                                    &
         &                 sn_wndi, sn_wndj, sn_qsr, sn_qlw ,                         &   ! input fields
         &                 sn_tair, sn_humi, sn_prec, sn_snow, sn_slp,                &
         &                 sn_uoatm, sn_voatm, sn_cc, sn_hpgi, sn_hpgj


Hei Seb,

Thanks, I checked and indeed found a mismatch between namelists and code. This is strange because I have changed nothing to the code. I’m checking again and will send my findings.

Merci pour ton aide,

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Hei Seb,

I checked and I believe there is a bug somewhere in the version control.
Here is what I did:

$ git clone --branch 4.2.0 https://forge.nemo-ocean.eu/nemo/nemo.git nemo_4.2.0
$ cd nemo_4.2.0
$ git checkout -b master
$ git pull origin branch_4.2

In the config SPITZ12, there is namelist_cfg which has the variables:

ln_Cd_L12   = .false.   !  air-ice drags = F(ice concentration) (Lupkes et al. 2012)
ln_Cd_L15   = .true.    !  air-ice drags = F(ice concentration) (Lupkes et al. 2015)

that exist nowhere in the code…

Voilà, voilà,


Yes, you are right, SPITZ12 namelist_cfg is outdated.
ln_Cd_L12 must be replaced by ln_Cx_ice_LU12
ln_Cd_L15 must be replaced by ln_Cx_ice_LG15
I will change this


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