Webinar series on Machine Learning and Model Uncertainties

As part of the activity of the newly launched NEMO working group on “Machine Learning and model uncertainties“, @Andrea and I are organising a webinar series that we would like to share with the broader community.

We will be touching on topics related to machine learning for parameterizations, differentiable emulation, model errors and uncertainty quantification.

Please join us on our YouTube channel :

More on NEMO working groups and their activities :

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Our first ML&MU webinar is now available online with Matthew Chantry (ECMWF) talking about « Machine Learning for parametrized physics»:

Thanks Matthew for the great talk!

The second ML&MU webinar by @ashao and Alessandro Rigazzi entitled “Online inference of eddy kinetic energy in a realistic ocean simulation” is now available on our Youtube channel :

Thanks to the speakers !