Coupling two hemispheric SI³ with ocean via OASIS

The NEMO-SI³ configuration can already be split into two separated executables and coupled via OASIS. The resulting modularity helps to enhance computing performance.
In this new configuration, SI³ - in Stand Alone Surface module configuration - is split again into two independent models discretised on hemispheric grids. Details can be found here :

  • Maisonnave, E., & Bourdallé-Badie, R., 2022: Coupling NEMO global ocean with hemispheric Arctic and Antarctic ice models, Technical Report, TR/CMGC/22/18 , CECI, UMR CERFACS/CNRS No5318, France
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It is such a great idea to use the coupling to avoid the North Pole folding in sea-ice. So obvious… why we did not do it much earlier?
“twicefaster and two times cheaper than its single executable counterpart.” no need to say more… :grinning:

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