Help to find grids ORCA025 and ORCA12

Dear all,

I tried to download the ORCA025 and ORCA12 grids, but I couldn’t find them anywhere online. Could you please help me by telling me where I can find these files to download or whom I can ask for them? Thank you.

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Dear Elsy

This might help: (you may get a warning about a security risk, but don’t worry).
These are ORCA1, ORCA025 and ORCA12 runs from NOC a while back. The grid files are in the “domain” directory for the respective configurations.
See here for a brief description of each run: Fluids | Free Full-Text | The Impact of Horizontal Resolution on Energy Transfers in Global Ocean Models


Dear Joakim,
Many thanks It is help me :slight_smile:


Dear Joakim,

I also want to try ORCA025 grids. But I cannot open this link maybe because I am in Australia? Is there any solution?

Best wishes

Hi Ming

I can’t access the site either. Might be temporarily down…

I found this:
You should be able to use DOMAINcfg to switch to another vertical grid if you wish.



Hi, maybe you can use the data from sosie-tool. The data to run the examples has ORCA grids.

Hi Jokim,

Thanks for these input data. But do you know where can I get the eORCA025 configuration?


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