Information regarding the ORCA 2 degree grid

Hi everyone,
I am currently working with the people at NCAR to develop new grid configurations for MOM6 (bear with me), however their preferred grid generation workflow is to use ORCA tools. On that note, does anyone have information regarding the input settings that were used to create the 2 degree ORCA grid for NEMO? My colleague at NCAR has so far had trouble getting a good grid refinement when trying to create an equivalent grid. Any help would be much appreciated.

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see tools/GRIDGEN · main · NEMO Workspace / Nemo · GitLab

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Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, this is not what we are after. Specifically, he has said we need the following variables:

jpi = 180+1 ,&
jpeqt = ?? ,& ! From south to equator
jpeqn = ?? ,& ! From equator to join
jpnord = ?? ! From join to top

Furthermore, I note that the Southern boundary of the domain is 78.19 - is there someway to redefine this boundary?