file for DOMAINcfg

Hello, I’m trying to create a new global ORCA1 grid with different vertical levels via the DOMAINcfg tool of NEMO V4.2.

The DOAMINcfg tool needs a predefined horizontal grid that has a specific name “”. But, no matter how much I search on the internet, I cannot find the predefined tripolar grid file. I can get only the ORCA2 grid because test cases provide that resolution grid.

How can I get the predefined ORCA family grid like the ORCA025, ORCA1, ORCA05, and ORCA2?

Also, how can I create a mesh mask grid? Is it possible to create the mask file by using the DOMAINcfg tool?



I don’t know if your questions is still open, but if yes, I’d be happy to share the files that we use in our department for eORCA1 simulations.

I don’t get any grid files yet. If you share the files it really thanks to me!

Dear Antoine,

Is it possible to share this grid file with me too? I want to rotate ocean velocity from CMIP6 but I cannot find such file online anywhere… (I can only find OCRA025…)

Many thanks :)))

Dear Antoine, can you share with me too? Thanks