Internal wave-driven mixing parameterization input fields changed

Tidal mixing parameterization (activated with ln_zdfiwm = .true.; input files prescribed in &namzdf_iwm) has been reworked in v4.2. In previous versions it required 5 input fields (usually provided as 5 NetCDF files:,,, and

However, looking at the namelist now (&namzdf_iwm) I see that it requires 6 input fields now. 4 fields stayed the same but instead of (supplemented with parameter nn_zpyc) it is 2 fields now and (parameter nn_zpyc) was removed. This was implemented here: 2021WP/PHY-01_deLavergne_tidal_mixing – NEMO

The problem is that correspoinding inputs are not provided. Reference inputs at zenodo (NEMO Reference configurations inputs) ORCA2_ICE_v4.2.tar contain only the old 5 input files. Where can one get new input files?

@Guillaume_Mercator, you were the only person who seems to be making changes in v4.2.1 related to that: import commits from dev_r15388_updated_zdfiwm SVN branch (!10) · Merge requests · NEMO Workspace / Nemo · GitLab

I hope you could comment. Thank you in advance!

The input fields for SETTE are now delivered through the sette_inputs site. You can find the appropriate ORCA2_ICE_v4.2.0.tar.gz file there.

This site is also referenced in the user guide