ORCA partial vertical grid

Dear Community,

I am closing the Arctic volume budget with the transports and the surface freshwater input (precipitation, runoff, melting, evaporation) from CMIP6 EC-Earth3 (NEMO3.6) model data. I used the variables umo/vmo and wfo for the mass transports and freshwater input, respectively. Upon calculating the transport across the main Arctic straits, I get a net influx to the Arctic of 2 Sv. So I must have done something wrong. Therefore, I am thinking of using the variables uo,vo, zos -I probably need to remove the sea ice thickness from here and the vertical grid to recompute the transports. However, I don’t know how to build the vertical grid on the seafloor where the depth does not agree with the vertical level t. I checked the manual, but that section needs to be completed, and the corresponding figures need to be included. EC-Earth3 uses orca1 with 75 lvl. Does anyone know how to reproduce this global grid’s three dimensions vertical domain? Thanks in advance for your help.

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